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Video archive (with Closed Captions)

The new archive is being under progress in order to convert it compatible with most of existing operating systems. The new conversions will become active links at below when they are completed. The new archive will be complete during 2011.

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Ulf Ekman

"Your Calling"

"Life in the Fullness of God's Promises"

"To Live Visions and Dreams"

"The Healing Ministrie of the Church"

"The Influence of the Holy Spirit in our lives"

"Who is in Charge? God or Your money?"

"A Generous Life"

"The Prayer of Faith"

"To Be Positive in a Negative world"

"God's Eternal Promise to the Jewish people"

"Seed and Harvest"

Russell Plilar

"Lessons from Psalm 92"

"Wimpy Prophet, burning bush, no excuse"

"Don't curse your camel"

"Don't curse your camel, Bless him"

"Don't curse your ugly situation"

"Don't shoot your camel, ride him"

"Gratitude: The Breeding ground for Miracles"

"Why must Jezebel's children die?"

"Creating an Atmosphere for Harmony in the Home"

"Establishing Divine Order & Set Times in Our Life"

"It's Harvest Time"

"Your Dream is not dead (I's just taking a nap)

"It's Time for You to Bloom"

Joakim Lundqvist

"Confirmation service"

"Jesus and Unexpected people"

"Christianity for Today"

"Jesus is seeking workers"

"Step Out of the Boat"

Carl-Gustaf Severin

"Be a Pioneer!"

"Stake Your Life for the Race"

"Victory Regardless of the circumstances"

"Together We are Strong"

"Healing Service"

"Tomorrow there will be Bread in Your Hourse"

"It is never wrong to be a teetotaller"

Kong Hee

"Four Directions for Your Faith"

"Created for Glory"

"Understand Your Society and Change it"

Colin Dye

"The Lion and the Lamb"

"Reform the Society"

"How to Grow in Your Spiritual Authority"

Benny Hinn

"We need the Holy Spirit"

Phil Pringle

"Seven Steps to Answered Prayer"

Bayless Conley

"The Priority of the Right Heart"

"Victory out of Adversity"

"Success and Significance"

"Who are these men with you?"

"Trials, Triumphs and Testimonies"

Robert Ekh

"Believers' Ministry in the Revival"

"What the Bible says about sex?"

"Jesus - God and Brother"

Joyce Meyer

"Religion or Relation"

John Bevere "Eternity in our Hearts"  


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